The Heart Institute's Cardiology Clinic provides outstanding, family-centered care to children and young adults with suspected or diagnosed cardiovascular disease of all types. The foundation of our care focuses on children with congenital heart disease (babies with heart problems since birth). Whether the patient needs an outpatient visit or requires hospitalization, and whether the patient is a mother and her fetus, a grown adult or any age in between, we have the facilities and the experts to provide the highest level of care for all patients in all circumstances.

The Heart Institute is a pioneer in providing a consistent team and family-centered approach to cardiac care for children and adults with cardiovascular disease in any setting.

Our facilities include a beautiful, family-friendly, spacious outpatient clinic and a dedicated inpatient unit and Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. To make the patient experience as family-friendly, efficient and caring as possible, we also have specialized patient care teams on call 24/7 for not only newborns (Neonatal Cardiology Service) but also older infants, children and adults (General Cardiology Consult Service).

Outpatient Care Closer to Home

With over 20 outpatient clinics, we continue to expand care throughout the Tristate area and Western Kentucky, so patients can get their care closer to home. An e-consult may also be an additional option for families interested in our medical opinion who live too far away for an in-person visit. For a minimal fee, our staff would work with a patient’s primary doctor to send patient records electronically. One of our physician experts would formally review the records and provide a formal written electronic consult. This option works well with families who seek our expertise but cannot afford the time or money to make an in-person visit to one of our locations.

Patient Education

Cincinnati Children's provides extensive information and education for patients, including the following heart-related topics:

More heart-related patient education can be found in our Heart Encyclopedia.