Preparing for Your Visit

One Stop Comprehensive Care

Specialty testing, such as electrocardiogramsHolter monitors and echocardiograms, is available at all locations and, if necessary, at the time of the initial visit and any follow-up visits. Our team provides a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and management plan during the initial visit for each patient. We work with you on the management plan so that follow-up visits are not always necessary.

Continuity of Care

Every physician works with a nurse as a team so that patients and families soon become familiar with their team members. Each patient family is ensured a long-term relationship with a cardiologist, creating a reassuring environment. We take these relationships so seriously that some of our physicians have seen their now young adult patients from their first day of life.

Reducing Stress

We know that seeing a cardiologist may be a stressful time for our families so we aim to make the visit as least stressful as possible. From the minute you enter our Burnet Clinic, you will be greeted by one of our friendly front desk coordinators. We promise to keep your wait as short as possible while you relax in our spacious, family-friendly and comfortable waiting lounge. In addition, your child can play with the games available including a Nintendo Wii and video games.

Ensuring Patient Understanding

As part of our comprehensive evaluation, we want to make sure you have a thorough understanding of the condition before you leave our clinic if a heart problem is found. Our nurses and staff feel that family and patient education is a top priority. Therefore, our examination rooms are equipped with heart diagrams that allow our physicians to thoroughly explain and draw any heart condition to ensure family understanding. The Heart Institute also has an online Heart Encyclopedia to which patients can refer both before and after their clinic visit. In addition, patients and families can download Heartpedia, an interactive, educational tool with 3D images of normal-defect-repair views of the heart, videos and defect descriptions. Heartpedia is free and can be downloaded in the app store on iPhones, iPads and Android Devices.