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Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


Board Certified

About Me


As a pediatric hospitalist and member of the inpatient complex care team at Cincinnati Children’s, I enjoy partnering with children and families in the hospital setting. I was drawn to hospital medicine because I enjoy caring for children of all ages as well as treating a wide range of medical problems. I also appreciate the incredible resilience of children and their families.

Outside of my clinical practice, I conduct quality improvement and patient safety research and serve as an assistant professor of pediatrics. I’ve completed a master’s degree in clinical and translational research and have pursued advanced quality improvement science and leadership training through the Quality Scholars Program at the the James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence.

My experiences during training taught me that quality improvement is about creating healthcare systems that benefit patients and practitioners alike. No healthcare system is perfect, but quality and safety are the most direct paths to improving patient care.

My current research activities focus on improving diagnosis in pediatrics. Specifically, my research aims to increase the ability to detect and learn from diagnostic errors in clinical practice and to improve our understanding of how diagnostic uncertainty impacts diagnostic outcomes.

As part of a division-wide improvement project, I developed a new process for reporting “diagnostic learning opportunities,” or cases in which a better or more timely diagnosis could have been made. This work has helped generate new knowledge about the patterns and drivers of diagnostic error among pediatric patients and will help us identify opportunities for future efforts to reduce the incidence of diagnostic error.

My other ongoing research relates to diagnostic uncertainty. Through these efforts, I aim to increase our ability to recognize diagnostic uncertainty within the electronic health record and better understand its impact on patient and systems outcomes. I am also developing a team-based tool which will help optimize the healthcare team’s approach to clinical reasoning as well as improve communication and collaboration with patients and families when diagnostic uncertainty is present.

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Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

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Hospital Medicine