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Program Director, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics Residency Program

Director of Education, Division of Hospital Medicine

Professor, UC Department of PediatricsUC Department of Internal Medicine


Board Certified

My Biography & Research


Dr. Jennifer O’Toole is a pediatric and adult hospitalist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and University of Cincinnati Medical Center, and a professor of pediatrics and internal medicine at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine (UCCOM). She holds a Master's of Education in curriculum and instruction from the University of Cincinnati College of Education. In 2017, she moved into the role of program director of Cincinnati’s Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residency Program, after having served as associate program director for nine years. In addition, she serves as program director of the IMSTAR Medical Education Fellowship within the Department of Internal Medicine at UCCOM and director of education for the Division of Hospital Medicine at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. She is a graduate of the Academic Pediatric Association’s (APA) Educational Scholars Program and served as member representative on the executive committee of the national Medicine-Pediatric Program Directors Association from 2013-2015. From 2015-2018 she served as co-chair of the APA’s Hospital Medicine Special Interest Group and co-chair of the planning committee for the 2018 Pediatric Hospital Medicine Conference. In 2017 Dr. O’Toole was named a member of the inaugural Pediatric Hospital Medicine Sub-board of the American Board of Pediatrics. Dr. O'Toole has received the Society of Hospital Medicine's (SHM) Award for Teaching Excellence (2018), the inaugural Med-Peds Program Director's Brendan P. Kelly Award (2017), and the Cincinnati Children's Faculty Education Achievement Award (2013)

Her clinical and research interests include resident education, curriculum development and innovation, handoff communication, patient/family centered care, and inpatient care for adults with congenital or complex healthcare needs admitted to pediatric hospitals. Since 2010 she has held the role of site principal investigator at Cincinnati Children's for the I-PASS Study Group. As part of this study group she has had the opportunity to collaborate with researchers and educators from across the country on the initial I-PASS Handoff Study, the AHRQ-funded Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) I-PASS Mentored Implementation Program, the Patient and Family Centered I-PASS Study.

Clinical Interests

Adult and pediatric hospital medicine 

Research Interests

Handoffs; medical education; patient and family centered care; care of adults in pediatric hospitals

Academic Affiliation

Professor, UC Department of PediatricsUC Department of Internal Medicine


Hospital Medicine, Hospital Medicine

My Education

BS: Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH, 1999.

MD: University of Buffalo School of Medicine, Buffalo, NY, 2003.

Residency: Internal Medicine / Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH, 2007.

Chief Residency: Department of Internal Medicine, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, 2008.

MEd: University of Cincinnati College of Education, Cincinnati, OH, 2012.

Certification: Pediatrics, 2007; Internal Medicine, 2008.

My Publications

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Linking Workplace-Based Assessment to ACGME Milestones: A Comparison of Mapping Strategies in Two Specialties. Kelleher, M; Kinnear, B; Wong, SE P; O'Toole, J; Warm, E. Teaching and Learning in Medicine: an international journal. 2020; 32:194-203.

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