As a clinical fellow in the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology, I treat patients from birth to young adulthood. My goal in each visit is to try to meet each patient and their family where they are and get to know their personal needs or concerns. Then, I adjust my focus to match these needs.

While this isn't always possible, I find that when I personalize care it makes a huge difference in patients and families feeling engaged in their treatment and connected with their providers. I hope to continue developing this skill at Cincinnati Children's during my fellowship.

My childhood pediatrician was my inspiration for choosing pediatrics. He magically made my visits fun and educational by speaking directly to me instead of just focusing on my parents. He used a white board during visits to draw and explain the body and made me feel that none of my questions were silly.

I later became interested in endocrinology after spending a few summers at diabetes camp (as a family member) and working with an excellent endocrinologist. His focus during these weeks was helping kids to adjust their mindset to make diabetes more manageable while not losing their ability to live their lives and just be kids. He initially inspired my patient-focused and family-centered style of care.

My research interests involve gender-diverse healthcare, bone health, multi-disciplinary care and medical education.

In my free time, you'll find me on an outdoor adventure with my husband, toddler and dog, whose name is Darwin.


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