A photo of Sarah Taylor.

Sarah E. Taylor, MD, PhD

  • Resident, Child Neurology / Pediatrics Combined Residency Program



As a first-year resident in the Child Neurology Pediatrics Combined Program, I am constantly entertained by the thoughts children share, the questions they ask, and the fresh perspectives they give because they are young and innocent with different priorities. I never know what to expect.

It was during a biology class in Junior High School, that I began developing my curiosity and interest in medicine. I was drawn to medicine by my interest in human diseases and wanting to understand what goes awry in the body to lead to a medical problem. I equally enjoy discovering what we can do to fix the pathologies and ultimately help people feel better.

Being a pediatrician means providing care to the child and also helping support and educate their caregivers and family so that they feel prepared to support the child. The way physicians deliver healthcare helps shape mindsets and empowers patients. I want to ensure my patients can comfortably manage their health conditions so they are free to spend time on life outside of their disease.

Prior to arriving to Cincinnati Children’s, I was in the Medical Scientist Training Program at Case Western Reserve University, which is where I completed my MD and PhD degrees. While working on my PhD, I applied for and was awarded a Research Grant/Fellowship Award funded by the NIH National Cancer Institute (NCI). When I graduated and received my MD degree, I was awarded the Robert M. Eiben, MD Endowment Fund Award — a prize given to a medical student who demonstrates excellence in pediatric neurology.

I am currently a resident, continuing on the physician training path. Within Pediatric Neurology, I have particular interests in neonatal neurology, pediatric neurocritical care and neuroimmunology.

Outside of the hospital, I enjoy art as a hobby — drawing with charcoal and pastels and painting with acrylics. I’m currently working my way through visiting all of the U.S. National Parks. I love being outdoors, surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes.