Research Opportunities

The pediatric emergency medicine fellowship offers physicians an opportunity to greatly enhance their independent research skills. Our flexible research curriculum includes 12 months devoted to research. In addition, during Emergency Department months, fellows spend approximately 35 percent of their time in research and other academic pursuits. Fellows are formally matched with a primary research mentor during the first six months of fellowship and followed a structured research curriculum with outlined milestones to assist them in academic success and creation and completion of their fellowship scholarly product.

In addition to the completion of a scholarly product, the fellow will be expected to complete a certificate or master’s program in medical education, clinical and translational research, or public health, fully funded by the fellowship. There will also be opportunities to present original work at national conferences. 

Fellows’ progress is monitored by a Scholarship Oversight Committee (SOC), which consists of four faculty members, including one extra-divisional member. The SOC meets twice a year to monitor fellows’ research / scholarly output progress.