The pediatric headache fellowship at Cincinnati Children’s aims to provide advanced training in the pathophysiology, recognition, management and study of pediatric headache disorders. Fellows leave our program with the skills and knowledge to launch careers in academic headache medicine.

The curriculum of the headache fellowship involves three major components:

The clinical exposure component includes experience in the Cincinnati Children’s Headache Center and in the University of Cincinnati Adult Headache Center (Drs. Martin and Nichols) as well as at a community-based headache specialty clinic (Dr. Mannix). This latter component provides ample opportunity to learn unique strategies in treating adults with intractable headaches, as well as different pharmaceutical management techniques.

The educational component is a combination of self-directed and traditional course work, both through the University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s. This course is designed to augment the development of research projects and will include epidemiology, biostatistics and bioethics.

Fellows’ research projects will be directed by their interests, but may include topics in pathophysiology, neuroimaging, disease phenotyping and characterization, treatment response, disability and epidemiology. Currently, some of these projects are funded (headache genomics and pharmaceutical studies) while many are undergoing development with potential grant funding in the future.