Clinical and Research Components

During the fellowship, the individual will be expected to participate in educational programs at Cincinnati Children’s, outpatient and inpatient care and observation of routine and complex surgical and interventional radiology procedures.

The trainee will also be involved in clinical and translational research projects. The fellow will be expected to submit his/her work and attend pertinent national conferences as well as the biannual international conference for vascular anomalies (if applicable during fellowship year).

The goal of this fellowship position is to enable the trainee to gain expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide spectrum of simple and complex vascular anomalies. This experience will first and foremost expand the pool of medical specialists who care for these complex disorders.

Secondly, this fellowship will allow the practitioner to enhance his/her knowledge and gain experience in the medical management of patients with vascular anomalies in anticipation of a sub-specialization in the area.

In addition, the fellow will also receive training in clinical trials and the adaptive study design for rare disorders.

Allocation of time:

  • 70 percent clinical
  • 30 percent research

Supervisory and Patient Care Responsibilities

Under the supervision of Kiersten Ricci, MD, and Adrienne Hammill, MD, PhD, the fellow will directly care for patients with vascular anomalies in the inpatient and the outpatient setting. When Hemangioma and Vascular Malformation Center (HVMC) patients are admitted to the hospital, the fellow will act as the liaison to the primary admitting team (hematology, surgery) for clinical questions, concerns and recommendations.

When possible, the fellow will be expected to attend hematology inpatient rounds on new HVMC admissions and by request of the inpatient hematology attending physician. In the outpatient setting, the trainee will attend HVMC clinics dedicated to both vascular tumors and/or vascular malformations at both the Burnet and Liberty campuses. The fellow will be expected to evaluate and help manage new and established patients.

Didactic Components


  • Hematology inpatient rounds for new HVMC admissions and/or by request of the inpatient Hematology attending physician


  • HVMC outpatient clinics at Liberty and Burnet campuses
  • HVMC patient care conference
  • HVMC medical research conference
  • Hematology Grand Rounds


  • HVMC radiology / pathology conference
  • Subspecialty clinics − cerebrovascular clinic, hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) clinic
  • Vascular biology conference

As Needed

  • Participation in national conferences

How to Apply

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Apply for the Hemangioma and Vascular Malformation Fellowship Program at Cincinnati Children's or ask for more information.

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