The Neurocritical Care and Cerebrovascular Fellowship’s goal is to prepare physicians to practice independently and provide expert clinical care in common and uncommon disorders affecting the nervous system and to engage in scholarship through supervised training in the following areas:

  • Diagnosis and management of neurologic emergencies and complications of systemic disease to include refractory status epilepticus and epilepsy exacerbations, neuromuscular disorders, autoinflammatory and infectious CNS disease, cerebrovascular disease, encephalopathy in the hospitalized patient, evaluation of end-stage multiorgan dysfunction and other relevant disorder
  • Emergent support of ischemic stroke through identification and treatment selection for thrombolytic and endovascular procedures for pediatric patients
  • Technical expertise in the bedside use of neurologic diagnostics including continuous EEG monitoring and neuroimaging with exposure to prognostic and diagnostic electrophysiology tools
  • Presentation and discussion of complex cerebrovascular disorders including treatment selection in consultation with endovascular, neurosurgical, and radiation oncology surgical providers
  • Comprehensive examination technique in the hospitalized and encephalopathic child
  • Administrative, management, and economic aspects of neurocritical care service structure
  • Exposure to telehealth consultation to local satellite hospitals