The fellowship will commence July 1 and end June 30 of the following year. The fellow will devote all clinical time to the pediatric neurosurgery service (PNS) at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. The fellow will lead the team of nurse practitioners/physician assistants, and neurosurgery residents, all of whom provide care for the patients on the neurosurgical service as well as consultative services as requested by other inpatient teams. The fellow leads the daily rounds made by the inpatient team.

operating-room-3ooAs the PNS team leader, the fellow will be expected to teach, both formally in conferences, as well as informally on rounds, the neurosurgery residents, the APN/PAs and any other rotating students. The fellow helps lead the weekly division operative case planning conference, held on Thursday afternoons and will have the opportunity to attend multi-disciplinary educational conferences which include Surgical Epilepsy, Neuro-Oncology, Neuroradiology and Case Review Conference all of which are held weekly.

During the academic year the fellow will assume a progressive transitional role from chief resident to attending staff. The transition from resident to attending will slowly progress through the 12-month period both in the academic and didactic setting, as well as in the operating room. The fellow will be evaluated every six (6) months. The evaluation will consist of a written summary by each attending neurosurgeon, as well as a formal interview with the Division Chief. Conversely, the fellow will evaluate the neurosurgical attendings as well as his/her overall experience every six months. This evaluation will be discussed during the formal interview with the Division Chief.