Clinical Responsibilities

The clinical fellow is treated as a junior faculty member within the Division of Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery and is expected to accept and respond to this responsibility in an appropriate fashion. Under the supervision of specific faculty members, the fellow will attain and exercise this responsibility in a graduated fashion. Initial close supervision of the fellow’s decision-making process concerning simple and complex pediatric orthopaedic problems evolves into a more independent, but still supervised, process as the fellow develops into a budding pediatric orthopaedic surgeon.

The clinical fellow is expected to progressively increase his ability to independently assess patients with spine or related problems and formulate treatment plans in the out-patient setting. This process begins with the fellow observing and learning from the respective teaching faculty, and then progresses toward the fellow performing independent patient evaluations, synthesizing pertinent information and formulating a treatment plan that is simply confirmed or only modified slightly by faculty members. Fellows are required to assist with their attending’s clinics, research rare conditions on patients they may see and participate in research (clinical or lab).

Work Hours

The regular work hours for clinical fellows at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center are:

6:30 am-10 pm Monday
6:30 am-5 pm Tuesday through Friday


Orthopaedic Surgery clinical fellows at Cincinnati Children’s take call one weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) every other month as secondary back-up call (from home) to orthopaedic residents.

Vacation and Conference Time

The orthopaedic surgery clinical fellow is allotted a total of five working days, or one week, per year for conference and continuing medical education course attendance.

Each fellow is also allotted a minimum of 10 working days, or two weeks, of vacation per year. All time away from the program is subject to the approval of the program director.