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Internal Medicine / Pediatrics Combined Residency

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the University of Cincinnati Medical Center are proud to sponsor a combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics (Med-Peds) Residency Training Program.

The four-year residency training program enables a physician to take care of the medical problems of adults and children, and at the conclusion of their residency to become board certified in both specialties. Additionally, our Meds-Peds Residency program was ranked No. 3 in the nation by Doximity’s 2022-2023 Residency Navigator.

Some unique highlights of our Med-Peds Residency Training Program include:

  • Outstanding categorical programs – Our residents are fortunate to participate in the innovative educational experiences offered by our core pediatric and internal medicine training programs. In addition to well-appointed clinical services that provide an optimal balance of patient care exposure, supervision, rigor and teaching, our residents are also able to receive hands-on experience in quality improvement, state-of-the-art simulation experiences, and patient/family centered care.
  • Our Med-Peds Clinic – We like to call our Med-Peds clinic the “crown jewel” of our residency training program! Our combined resident-faculty Med-Peds clinic inspires residents from day one to “become” the doctor for their panel of patients. Residents and faculty practice side-by-side which allows for optimal mentorship as our residents gain skills to become excellent primary care physicians.
  • Acute Care and Primary Care Tracks – As residency training has advanced over the past 20 years, and career options have become endless following residency, we recognized a need to individualize the training experience for each resident. In 2017, we launched our acute care and primary care tracks to help provide a more individualized mentorship and clinical experience for residents interested in careers as hospitalists or hospital-based sub-specialties (via the acute care track), or as primary care physicians (via the primary care track). Residents still complete all of the standard ACGME program requirements, however if they elect to participate in a track they are able to experience individualized mentorship with faculty members, specialized educational experiences, and an opportunity to be involved with research or quality improvement work related to their track.
  • Exposure to a Full Spectrum of illnesses and patients – Our residents are fortunate that they are able to practice in two quaternary-care hospitals where they get to see patients with rare diseases and work alongside the sub-specialists that care for them. In addition, they also get an immense amount of exposure to “bread-and-butter” pediatrics and internal medicine via general inpatient services and ambulatory experiences. As a result, at the conclusion of their residency, our residents are competent and confident to care for any patient and diagnosis that may come their way in their future career!
  • Focus on Medical Education - Here in Cincinnati, medical education is OUR specialty. All of our program directors (including our categorical counterparts!) have advanced training in adult learning techniques, educational theory, and educational scholarship obtained via a Master's in Education or similar courses of study. We strive to be on the cutting edge of innovative practices in residency education and participate in educational research that proves that what we are doing impacts our residents and the patients they care for. This dedication to medical education permeates into everything we do, and as a result many of our residents develop an appreciation and expertise in the area also!
  • Strong Support Network - We believe that building a strong social support network for our residents allows them to thrive during their time as a resident. We have built a supportive and family-like atmosphere through initiatives such as allowing our residents to rotate through pediatrics and internal medicine together, social activities for residents and faculty that are open to family members, a mentor-advisor program between residents and Med-Peds faculty, an open-door policy for feedback and improvement, and the presence of a fifth-year Med-Peds Chief with the sole function of supporting our residents.

In order to obtain a closer look at our Med-Peds Residency Training Program please go to our main residency website to learn more about our curriculum, residents, faculty, Med-Peds clinic, international opportunities, research and quality improvement training, and graduates of our program.

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For more information about the Combined Internal Medicine / Pediatrics Residency Program, contact Jennifer O’Toole, MD, MEd at or 513-584-0397.