Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the University of Cincinnati have a combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residency Program.

The four-year residency training program enables a physician to take care of the medical problems of adults and children and to become board certified in both specialties.

With much of internal medicine and pediatrics becoming outpatient-centered, ambulatory medicine has become an important focus of the residency training offered in the program. Residents often take care of the health needs of entire families, have the opportunity to learn from the attending physicians and get to see both pediatric and adult patients in the same afternoon.

The program has been described as one of the strongest in the country. This is due to the strengths of the parent programs in pediatrics and internal medicine, and also those of the med-peds program itself.

There is a combined ambulatory training site, where faculty share their practice with the residents to provide as “real-world” a training experience as possible. Unique med-peds training experiences in electives, rotations and conferences have been instituted.

The large group of med-peds faculty are committed to the training and satisfaction of residents, providing a stimulating yet nurturing training experience.

To offer prospective residents a closer look at the residency program, the University of Cincinnati Combined Internal Medicine / Pediatrics website provides such information as an overview of the program, an introduction to the faculty and residents, information about applying for the residency program, and information about life in Cincinnati and social events associated with the program.

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