Clinical Exercise Physiology Internship
Internship Duties

Internship Duties by Program

•Assist with patient prep for conducting maximal graded exercise testing on pediatrics and adults with congenital heart diseases in a clinical setting
•Obtaining resting and exercise Electrocardiograms (EKG)
•Exercise testing equipment calibration
•Electrocardiography (EKG) recognition
•Assist with Stress Echo’s, Exercise Flexscope, 6 minute walk tests and resting spirometry
•Assist with data entry and analysis for research projects as necessary
•Capstone project, poster or presentation as warranted by college program or Lab supervisor

Instruments/ Equipment:
•Cycle and Treadmill Ergometers
•ParvoMedics TrueOne 2400 metabolic and PFT carts
•Medgraphics Metabolic cart and PFT
•Innocor Metabolic and Pulmonary blood flow carts
•GE Medical Case 8000 stress systems
•Scottcare telemetry system
•GE Medical Muse Electronic ECG storage system
•Autonomic Nervous System testing system

•Exercise therapy development
•Assist with individual exercise therapy sessions
•Assist with home exercise plans
•Individual patient goal setting
•Initial program evaluation
•Coordinating with multidisciplinary teams (nutrition, social work, PT/OT)
•Exercise programs for pediatric and adult congenital heart patients
•Assist with data entry for program outcome management
•Cardiac and pulmonary health education

Instruments/ Equipment:
•Cycle, Treadmill and Arm Ergometers
•Scottcare telemetry system
•Weights (dumbbell, kettlebell), resistance bands, balance balls, TRX suspension training system
•Maximal inspiratory pressure (MIP)/ Maximal expiratory pressure (MEP)