Clinical Exercise Physiology Internship

Clinical Exercise Physiology Internship

Internship Duties by Program

• Assist with patient prep for conducting maximal graded exercise testing on pediatrics and adults with congenital heart diseases in a clinical setting
• Obtaining resting and exercise Electrocardiograms (EKG)
• Exercise testing equipment calibration
• Electrocardiography (EKG) recognition
• Assist with Stress Echo’s, Exercise Flexscope, 6 minute walk tests and resting spirometry
• Assist with data entry and analysis for research projects as necessary
• Capstone project, poster or presentation as warranted by college program or Lab supervisor

Instruments/ Equipment:
• Cycle and Treadmill Ergometers
• ParvoMedics TrueOne 2400 metabolic and PFT carts
• Medgraphics Metabolic cart and PFT
• Innocor Metabolic and Pulmonary blood flow carts
• GE Medical Case 8000 stress systems
• Scottcare telemetry system
• GE Medical Muse Electronic ECG storage system
• Autonomic Nervous System testing system

• Exercise therapy development
• Assist with individual exercise therapy sessions
• Assist with home exercise plans
• Individual patient goal setting
• Initial program evaluation
• Coordinating with multidisciplinary teams (nutrition, social work, PT/OT)
• Exercise programs for pediatric and adult congenital heart patients
• Assist with data entry for program outcome management
• Cardiac and pulmonary health education

Instruments/ Equipment:
• Cycle, Treadmill and Arm Ergometers
• Scottcare telemetry system
• Weights (dumbbell, kettlebell), resistance bands, balance balls, TRX suspension training system
• Yoga
• Maximal inspiratory pressure (MIP)/ Maximal expiratory pressure (MEP)