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Summer Medical Student Respiratory Research Fellowship

Summer Medical Student Respiratory Research Fellowship

The Summer Medical Student Respiratory Research Fellowship (SMURRF) at Cincinnati Children’s offers medical students the chance to explore pediatric pulmonary-related clinical and basic science research in laboratories in the Department of Pediatrics, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

Program Goal

The primary goal of the program is to provide medical students a unique opportunity to learn about the exciting clinical and research challenges in pediatric pulmonary and sleep medicine and attract future physician-scientists into these fields.

During this 9-week program, sponsored by The National Institutes of Health, Cincinnati Children’s, and the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine, students work directly with faculty members whom have active research programs that cover all areas of pulmonary medicine, including asthma, cystic fibrosis, sleep disorders, lung remodeling, acute lung injury and developmental biology, among others.

In addition to direct laboratory experience, medical students have direct clinical exposure to patients with pulmonary diseases and sleep disorders. Students have the opportunity to work directly with pediatric pulmonologists in a variety of clinical settings, including attending hospital rounds and shadowing pulmonary clinics where students see a variety of pediatric respiratory diseases including asthma, neuromuscular disease, sleep disorders, tuberculosis and cystic fibrosis, among others. Students are also encouraged to participate and learn about pulmonary function testing and observe the use of flexible bronchoscopy in the operating room. The program also includes small-group lectures focused on specific pediatric pulmonary diseases and seminars on general research topics. At the end of the summer, students will present their research to the group, and a lecture is presented by a distinguished keynote speaker followed by an evening banquet.

The program provides well-rounded exposure to clinical and research opportunities in a stimulating and enriching environment where student-physicians will learn how they can make a positive impact in improving the lives of children with respiratory disorders.