We anticipate receiving more applications than available positions, so there is a formal application process. To apply, download the application. Instructions for completing the application are as follows:  

I. Student Information

Complete your current student information which includes dates you are available this summer to participate in the program and your educational background. Information requested regarding gender and race are only used for National Institute of Health data collection purposes and will not influence selection criteria.

II. Personal Statement

Include information specifically addressing:

    1. Why you are interested in participating in the SMURRF program
    2. Your current major career goals or plans.
    3. Any past research experience, and if none, why you are interested in pursuing research this summer.

III. Research Plan

Prior to beginning the Research Plan you will need to identify and then contact a potential mentor for your summer project. You may only submit one application with one mentor. To choose a potential mentor, carefully read the summary of the research performed by the mentor and follow links to their respective web sites. View a list of SMURRF research mentors and descriptions of their research. Choosing a mentor will be individualized to the applicant’s interests and career goals based on the subject of the research (asthma, cystic fibrosis, sleep apnea, etc.) as well the type of research (basic science, clinical research, quality improvement, etc.). Mentors not found on the web site may be added provided the work is directly related to studies focused on childhood respiratory diseases, but will need to be approved by the program directors prior to submitting your application. 

After identifying a mentor whom you wish to work with this summer, you will need the mentor’s assistance to complete the Research Plan. We do not limit the number of applications from students for each mentor (in other words, each mentor may have more than one application from a student), however, some of our mentors have been very popular with students in past summers, and may not wish to submit multiple applications. Therefore, it will be important to contact a potential mentor early in the application process and consider alternative mentors. We also highly recommend you try to meet with these mentors prior to applying to ensure you find an individual or lab which you believe will be a good fit for your goals.

The research plan must be written by the student with the mentor providing guidance. Include the following format for the research plan:

        1. Title: Include the name of the mentor with their title and division.
        2. Hypothesis: State in one paragraph the nature of the project to be investigated and the expected outcomes to be tested.
        3. Background & Significance: Provide a concise summary on what is already known about the subject of your research project, why this is an important topic in relation to pediatric respiratory medicine, any gaps in knowledge that need to be further investigated and how your work may lead to improved care or treatment.
        4. Methods: Provide an overall general approach on what you will be doing this summer to test the hypothesis of your proposed project

IV. Mentors Statement

Include a brief statement by the mentor, where they specifically state their commitment to guide you on this project this summer including their plan on how you will be supervised to carry out the planned project. You may either have the mentor write this statement directly onto your Research Plan, or copy and paste this statement from electronic communications.

V. Resume

Include a copy of your current resume.

VI. Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are not required but up to two letters may be included.

VII. Agreement and Conditions of Funding

Carefully read the six separate items, include them in your application, then sign and date. This program is federally funded by the National Institute of Health which mandates students must commit full-time to the program and is a condition of the stipend. In some occasions we have allowed students to also participate in other activities during the program (student government, new student orientation events, etc.), but these potentially conflicting planned activities must be either stated in your personal statement, or directly communicated to your mentor and the Program Directors and approved, prior to submitting the application.


Email your completed application to Marianne Boehner at marianne.boehner@cchmc.org by Sunday, Feb. 14, 2016. Notification of selection will be emailed to applicants by March 1.