Hosting a Fundraiser

Host a Fundraiser

When our community comes together, we are giving hope to the kids who count on us for care. A Giving Hope fundraiser  can be the perfect way to celebrate a milestone, honor a loved one or bring together a support system that’s helped you and your child succeed. Our kind and caring friends all over are creatively turning the activities they love into fundraisers for Cincinnati Children’s. Whether it’s a 5K, a golf tournament, a birthday party or a lemonade stand, our team is here to help you make it a success.

Our online fundraising pages help get the word out digitally and make thanking your supporters easy. And with so many events having virtual elements, we put together this fun tip sheet to help you out. Learn more about connecting your Giving Hope fundraiser

What You Need to Know

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to change lives for kids by being a Giving Hope organizer.

  1. Choose a fundraiser and date that work best for you and create a communication plan to get your friends, family and community excited.
  1. Register your event with Cincinnati Children’s. Online registration is quick and easy. You can also contact Andrew Stallings at or 513-636-2915. Your online personalized page connects you with tools to share your story, give details of your event, collect donations and update your donors on how you rocked out your fundraising goals.
  1. Hold your event and celebrate your success with a check presentation to Cincinnati Children’s staff.

> Guidelines | General and financial policies & terms and conditions

Through Giving Hope program, we can provide you with a number of fundraising materials, including star icons to sell, change canisters to leave near cash registers or to collect gifts at your event, banners, reusable tote bags to carry your fundraising items and so much more.

Our online fundraising pages help get the word out digitally and make thanking your supporters easy!

Contact Andrew Stallings at or 513-636-2915 to learn more.

For more information about hosting a community fundraiser, contact:

Andrew Stallings

Mailing Address:

Cincinnati Children’s
MLC 9002
3333 Burnet Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45229

Register Your Event

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How You Change Lives

Together, you make a difference for the kids who count on us. When you host a Giving Hope event, you contribute critical financial support for our world-class care and research. 

Last year, our community of friends had more than 200 events and collectively raised $1.62 million.

Lemonade stands that make research about liver diseases even sweeter. Hitting the pavement with your neighborhood in memory of a brave little girl. A brewery blowout event that pours every pint with a purpose. There are countless stories and reasons why behind every fundraiser. 

You save lives when you’re Giving Hope. Thank you.