Creating Your Legacy

On July 4, 2010, Ashley and Brandon Barlow were celebrating more than just Independence Day—they were celebrating the birth of their son, Jack. But their joy was quickly overshadowed with uncertainty and fear. Before they even left the delivery room, their doctor told them Jack had Down syndrome. In that moment, Ashley, Brandon and Jack became part of the Cincinnati Children’s family.

The first few months of Jack’s life were filled with visits to a variety of specialists at the medical center. “All of the physicians and staff were so dynamic, considerate and informative that we became instantly grateful for Cincinnati Children’s,” Ashley says.

Jack, now 6, continues to visit Cincinnati Children’s several times a year. His outpatient therapies are all done in collaboration with the Thomas Center for Down Syndrome—part of our Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics (DDBP)—which provides ongoing and individualized therapies to help kids like Jack thrive at home, in school and in the community.

“We love our visits to the DDBP. Jack’s therapists, across disciplines, collaborate on his care, and they tailor his care plan around his interests,” says Ashley. “He loves seeing his friends and sharing his success with the staff, who’ve become more like good friends.”

Because Jack has been a patient since he was born, both he and his parents have experienced the depth of the family-centered care that’s at the heart of our work. “The people are what make Cincinnati Children’s so incredible. They really care about the patients and families and combine that with their incredible knowledge to deliver top-notch care.”

That’s why the Barlows chose to include us in their estate plan.

“Cincinnati Children’s is such a gift to all of the families they touch here in Cincinnati and around the world. I am not only proud, but so grateful, for this amazing asset that has been so important to my son. It makes sense to give back when they have given so much to us,” Ashley says.

Supporting Cincinnati Children’s is the Barlows’ way of saying “thank you” to the doctors, nurses, therapists and other professionals who have collaborated with them in raising their awesome “Jackman.”

“We hope our gift will help Cincinnati Children’s grow their infrastructure, so they can continue to provide the best global care for all kids and families with different abilities,” says Ashley.

The Barlow family.

The Barlows chose to include Cincinnati Children’s in their estate plan as a “thank you” for the care and support they and their son, Jack, receive at the medical center.

What will your legacy be?

Stacy Christman Blomeke.

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