A Game of Heart

The Daltons’ Pass It On Fund has provided more than $300,000 to families who need help with medical payments.Cincinnati may not be their native hometown, but Andy and Jordan Dalton are intent on giving back to their adopted community. That’s why they launched the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation, with a mission to provide daily support, opportunities, resources and life-changing experiences to seriously ill and physically challenged children and their families

“I’ve been blessed to have this platform,” Andy says, softly. “I have the opportunity to have an impact where others may not be able to.”

Since 2014, the Dalton Foundation has been an active and generous partner of Cincinnati Children’s. 

And in 2015, they launched the Pass It On Fund, a program to provide medical grants to families when insurance doesn’t cover the full cost of a child’s treatment.

Working closely with our Family Financial Advocates, Andy and Jordan receive applications from families at Cincinnati Children’s who need help with medical payments. “These families have nowhere else to go,” Jordan says, her voice catching. “By the time their application reaches our foundation, we’re their last resort.”

Through the Pass It On Fund, Andy and Jordan have given more than $300,000 to help 160 families at Cincinnati Children’s ease financial burdens and purchase needed medical equipment.

For these families, the impact of these gifts is almost immeasurable. By lessening their financial worries, they can focus more fully on what really counts—their child. 

Extraordinary Care Inspires Gift Honoring Doctors

Theo is a thriving little boy, thanks to the specialized airway care he received at Cincinnati Children’s as an infantWhen Jon and Jessica Hsia learned their infant son, Theo, needed treatment for a collapsed airway, they searched the country to find the best possible ear, nose and throat (ENT) team to care for him.

“Through our own research and recommendations from ENTs across the nation, we discovered that Cincinnati Children’s is the best in the world for the type of treatment Theo needed,” Jon explains.

That’s why the Hsia family traveled here from their home in New Jersey so Theo could be treated by our experts.

“We’ve been to a lot of hospitals, and the care we received at Cincinnati Children’s stood out,” Jon shares. “It’s more than the world-class doctors and nurses—the programs and systems in place to help parents navigate a stressful, unfamiliar and confusing process are excellent.”

Their experience inspired them to honor Theo’s doctors, Michael Rutter, MD, and Christine Heubi, MD, with a gift during our 2017 Doctor’s Day event.

“Dr. Rutter and Dr. Heubi took personal interest in Theo’s case,” Jon says. “They were collaborative, communicative and supportive. And, of course, their skills as surgeons are first-rate.”

The Hsia family’s gift will support research in our ENT Department. Jon and Jessica hope their gift will help ensure that more families experience positive outcomes.