Creating Your Legacy

As a child, Judy Bramblet was always excited to take a trip to Cincinnati. Her family was from Huntington, WV, and often spent long weekends going to Cincinnati Reds games or having fun at Coney Island.

In 1956, during one of her family trips, Judy became ill with severe stomach pain when she was 4 years old. A local pediatrician diagnosed her with appendicitis and told her to go right to Cincinnati Children’s.

Judy’s surgery was a success, and when she was able to get out of her bed, she met other kids in the playroom, which was a great distraction.

“It was the biggest room I had ever seen,” she says. “I remember it was another child’s birthday, and they had a basket full of gifts they brought around to celebrate. I got a clothespin doll and a couple other paper dolls.”

Over the years, we’ve continued to find new ways to care for kids, growing the Division of Child Life and Integrative Care, so kids can continue to do the things they love while in the hospital.

Judy’s vivid and happy memories of a serious time in her life inspired her to give back to Cincinnati Children’s. She and her husband, Bill, have decided to provide ongoing support to the Division of Child Life and Integrative Care at Cincinnati Children’s through a gift from their estate.

“Even when I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to give to Cincinnati Children’s,” she says. “And now that I see all of the new programs they have—the therapy dogs that visit the kids, the broadcast studio and just how they meet the needs of all kids, we’re so happy to be able to support that work.”

Bill and Judy Bramblet.

Bill and Judy Bramblet’s generosity will ensure our patients continue to have access to fun and innovative programs—like our broadcast studio—for generations to come.

A young patient in Seacrest Studios.

What Will Your Legacy Be?

Suzanne Rohlfs.

Your will has the power to provide for a child’s healthy future. For more information on how to make a gift in your will, contact Suzanne Rohlfs at 513-636-1192 or