Partners Help Keep Us Safe

At Cincinnati Children’s, we’re committed to providing a safe experience for everyone. And our partners have proven they are too. With more employees and families required to use personal protective equipment (PPE), our friends in the corporate community stepped up to make sure that we were covered—literally.

Our experts, along with partners from the Cleveland Clinic, worked with Procter & Gamble to design face shields that can be completely cleaned, sanitized and re-used. As an added bonus, P&G also donated more than 6,000 shields to the medical center. 

And our long-time philanthropic partner, Messer Construction, donated protective masks to bolster our supply. As their teams continued work on our new Critical Care Building, Messer wanted to help ensure everyone on campus was protected, so our employees could continue to safely care for our community.

Helping Healthcare Heroes

When you flip a switch and a light turns on, chances are you never think about how it happened. We take electricity for granted, only noticing when it goes out.

But Dynegy, an electric company in Cincinnati, wants to make its presence known in the best way possible. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it gave back to the communities where it does business. It supported our Employee Emergency Fund, which helps medical center employees facing financial hardships because of an emergency.

“Dynegy and its employees are honored to help provide financial assistance to healthcare workers,” says Caroline Atkins, the organization’s community affairs manager. “Our company is proud to serve the needs of healthcare workers who continue to provide essential services every day. We’re grateful for your service and express our utmost appreciation.”