Letter from our Leadership

Teens wearing masks.

The medical needs of children don’t stop because we’re in a pandemic. That’s why we’re taking every precaution necessary to keep our patients, families and staff safe—so we can be here for every family who needs us.

Letter from our Leadership


We’ve been challenged and changed this year in ways we never imagined. Not only are we continuing the fight against COVID-19, but we’re also facing a pivotal moment in history to address racism as a public health crisis. 

“Respect everyone” is one of our Core Values. Living diversity, equity and inclusion is our obligation. 

And as a national leader in improving child health, we’re committed to strengthening our environment and opportunities for our employees, communities, families and, most importantly, the kids in our care. 

The children and families we serve inspire us. And the encouragement and support we get from you, our donors, helps us keep going despite monumental obstacles. We’re better together.

In our fall issue of For the Children, we’ll introduce you to a family whose philanthropy is driving our research to unravel the complexity of COVID-19. You’ll also see how we’re partnering with community leaders to create systemic change, eliminate barriers to health access and better serve our diverse community. Best of all, you’ll get to hear from some of the families we’re working to help and heal, thanks to your support. 

We have a proud history of tremendous collaboration and achievement. Now we’re looking to our future and building on this difficult moment in time to ensure that all children can thrive. 

Thank you for sharing our vision. We’ll continue to pursue our potential together, so that all kids can pursue theirs. 

With much gratitude, 

Michael Fisher
President and Chief Executive Officer

Jane Portman
Chair, Board of Trustees

Michael Fischer.

Michael Fisher, President and CEO.

Jane Portman.

Jane Portman, Chair, Board of Trustees.