Grateful mom Tiffany and family.

Tiffany and her family.

Sincerely Yours

During this time of uncertainty, I’m so grateful for the healthcare heroes who are in the trenches fighting for the families who need you.

Just a few years ago, I was in those trenches. When one of my twin boys was born with a rare birth defect, we spent the first year of his life at Cincinnati Children’s. You didn’t just care for Ben, you cared for me too. 

You sat beside me and explained every diagnosis. You listened when I was afraid for Ben and his brother and you lifted me up on days that felt too heavy to bear. You dropped off snacks when I couldn’t think about leaving Ben’s room and encouraged me to get some fresh air when I could. 

I wasn’t just a mom to you. I was a person with hopes and dreams for my sons and for our future. And you tried your hardest to help us meet those goals. You cried with me and were honest with me. You kept us going when Ben passed, and there’s no way to thank you enough for never giving up on our family. 

And now, it’s our turn to be there for you—from a distance, for now. As you navigate through these challenging times, I hope you can do for each other what you’ve done for me and so many families like mine. These times are tough, but I know the staff at Cincinnati Children’s is tougher.

Grateful Mom of Ben, Luke and Alex

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