Leadership Letter


Don’t you just love how this season brings new energy, new hope, new possibilities? We can say the same about our committed community of supporters.

Together we support the children and families who need us—especially through challenging times.

It’s our passion and purpose that unite us. And we could not be more grateful for your partnership.

In this issue you’ll learn about a time capsule we’re burying to mark these unprecedented times, commemorate our rich history of discovery, and celebrate the critical role of donors who help make our work possible.

We’ll also introduce you to our digital health work and how we’re using innovative technologies like virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, telemedicine and more to advance care.

We’re so honored to have you as part of our care team.

Together we have the power to change lives and help all children flourish. Your support makes the difference! 

With much gratitude, 

Steve Davis, MD
President and CEO

Patty Manning-Courtney, MD