Legacy Supports Neurological Research

Jane Dummer hopes her gift will help advance neurological research. It was August 1950 when Jane Dummer contracted Jane Dummer.polio. For the next eight months of her young life, she was confined to the orthopaedic ward of Cincinnati Children's, fighting hard to recover from the disease’s debilitating physical effects.   

And Jane wasn’t alone in her fight. “I became friends with a lot of the other kids who were there because of polio. Together with the staff, we all cheered each other on through our recoveries,” Jane remembers. “We became like a second family to one another. Many of us stayed connected long after we left the hospital.”

While her physical recovery was grueling, Jane’s doctors and nurses never let her give up. And, thanks to their encouragement, she walked out of Cincinnati Children’s using only a new leg brace and crutches. Filled with resolve from her hard-won recovery, she went on to finish high school and graduate from college.

It’s because of the care, compassion and love she received during those long days in the hospital that Jane included Cincinnati Children’s in her estate plan.

“I wanted to do two things with my gift,” Jane says. “First, I wanted a gift that would honor the memory of my father, Clyde M. Dummer, MD, a pediatrician who was loved and respected by many Cincinnati families. Secondly, I wanted to thank the hospital for the superior care I received.”

Jane hopes that her gift will help advance neurological research to help children facing those health challenges to live long, healthy, active lives – just like as she has done. 

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