Letter from the President

Letter from the President

Sabin Sunday. Thousands of families came to Cincinnati Children’s for free vaccines on Sabin Sunday, April 24, 1960. Cincinnati Children's history of innovation continues today, as our experts advance breakthroughs in child health.

Michael Fisher.FRIENDS, 

This April, our community celebrates the 55th anniversary of Sabin Sunday – a remarkable day when thousands of families came to Cincinnati Children’s to receive free doses of the oral polio vaccine. Developed by our very own Albert Sabin, MD, the oral polio vaccine has all but eradicated this devastating disease.

The pioneering spirit of Dr. Sabin continues to inspire us each and every day to make a difference for children – here in Cincinnati and on a global scale. And you are an important partner in that work. In this issue of For the Children, you’ll read about our efforts to help all children in our community reach their full potential. You’ll learn how our experts in the Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children are partnering with local agencies to help prevent child abuse and neglect, and to help those who suffer abuse to recover and thrive.

You’ll also learn more about Cincinnati Children’s long history of research discovery that continues to improve child health. From Dr. Sabin’s polio vaccine in 1960 to the infinite possibilities of genomics that our researchers are uncovering today, Cincinnati Children’s continues to innovate. You are such an important part of our success – now and in the future. Thank you for your partnership. Together, we can continue to Change the Outcome for children in Cincinnati and beyond.

Take good care,

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Michael Fisher
President and Chief Executive Officer