Isabella. Road to Recovery: Beating Cancer as One

"I didn't fight cancer by myself."

I don’t remember going to Cincinnati Children’s for the first time because I was only 2 years old. But my mom says she was worried I had the flu, so she took me in to make sure I was okay. After we got there, nurses tested my blood. And that’s when they told my mom that I had leukemia.

Fighting cancer was hard, but I didn’t do it all by myself – the doctors and nurses, my mom and my grandpa helped. I lived at Cincinnati Children’s for a long time and my doctors and nurses were like family. We would play music, make crafts and play make-believe. My nurses would even play along with me and make me laugh – it was so much fun!

It took a long time to beat my cancer – five years! But now, I’ve been cancer-free for almost two years – YAY! I still go back to the hospital for check-ups and, every night, I pray for my friends who are still there.

I hope that they get better, too. I bet the doctors and nurses will help them, just like they helped me.

- Isabella, 9

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