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Fibrosarcoma in Children

What is Fibrosarcoma?

Fibrosarcoma is a rare, malignant (cancerous) type of soft tissue sarcoma. It is most common in infants and young children under 5 and in patients 10 to 15 years old.

Like other sarcomas, fibrosarcoma occurs where fibrous tissues are found. It involves the extremities and deeper structures of the body. This type of cancer most often affects the limbs and the trunk of the body, but it can occur in other places.

The symptoms depend on the part of the body where the tumor is at. Most often there is swelling or a lump.

Diagnosis of Fibrosarcoma

Diagnosis of fibrosarcoma is made by biopsy of the tumor. The surgery is done under general anesthesia. The child is not awake and will not feel any pain. The mass or pieces of it are taken out looked at under a microscope. Other tests may be done to see if the disease has spread. These can include a CT scan, MRI, radioisotope scans and bone marrow aspirate. These tests help to figure out the stage of the cancer, and how far the cancer may have spread.

Treatment for Fibrosarcoma

Most often a combined approach of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation is used.

In some cases, the doctor may advise proton therapy instead of radiation therapy. Proton therapy targets the tumor and avoids organs and healthy tissue. This means less short-term side effects and long-term problems from radiation. Cincinnati Children’s is one of only a few pediatric hospitals that offer proton therapy.

The child's treatment plan is based on:

  • Where the tumor is and if the tumor has spread.
  • Your child’s age, health, and history.
  • If your child can tolerate the medicines and procedures.
  • Your thoughts and preferences.

Prognosis for Fibrosarcoma

The prognosis for fibrosarcoma is linked to:

  • The age of the patient (infant vs. others).
  • Where the tumor is and if it has spread.
  • If the tumor was fully removed during surgery.

With combined treatment survival rates are getting better.

Cincinnati Children's is an international referral center for the treatment of high-risk and relapsed cancers. Our experts leads efforts to develop new targeted therapies, immunological approaches, and stem cell transplant. Learn more about treatment for relapsed fibrosarcoma.

Last Updated 01/2019

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