Research is a vital aspect of the Sarcoma Program. Our physicians and researchers within the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute conduct numerous clinical research studies in hopes of improving the prognosis and quality of life for patients with tumors of the bone, soft tissue and spine. Current clinical research studies focus on novel therapies such as:

  • Gene therapy
  • Targeted oncolytic (“cancer killing”) virus therapy
  • Tumor vaccine therapy
  • Radiation-targeted therapies
  • Chemoprotective agents that protect healthy cells from high-dose chemotherapy
  • Novel, high-dose chemotherapy with stem cell rescue

Many of these studies were developed by researchers at Cincinnati Children’s. Others are offered at our site through national institutions such as the National Cancer Institute Pediatric Phase I Consortium and Children’s Oncology Group. Cincinnati Children’s faculty are leading members of these consortia, and we offer early access to promising new therapies, many of which we  helped to develop.

Laboratory and Clinical Research Program Highlights

Sonata Jodele, MD, is working to develop better treatments for pediatric solid tumors (including Ewing’s sarcoma) that are resistant to high-dose chemotherapies. Jodele’s clinical research focuses on the use of chemoprotection, a technique in which bone marrow cells are removed from a cancer patient and genetically modified to withstand higher doses of chemotherapy before being returned to the donor.

Stella M. Davies, MBBS, PhD, MRCP, leads an important national initiative to understand whether genetic determinants of drug metabolism may play a role in developing complications and second cancers after high-dose sarcoma therapies. This effort is based upon clinical research obtaining samples at Cincinnati Children’s and nationally.

Access to Innovative Research

Our physicians and researchers are active in many national and international research studies and also develop their own  protocols. This leading-edge research provides our patients with early access to new anticancer therapies, sometimes years before they become widely available.

Cincinnati Children’s is a major referral center for the Children’s Oncology Group, the National Cancer Institute’s new Pediatric Phase I Consortium and many other national research institutions. Many of our physicians serve in leadership positions for these research organizations, further strengthening our link to the latest clinical research opportunities.