A Litholink is an analysis of your child’s urine. The daily levels of minerals, fluid content and/or other components are given in this report. The report gives the doctor information to help determine the cause of kidney stones. The Litholink requires a 48 hour urine collection and is the first step in forming a stone prevention plan.

Getting the test done

  • The doctor will order Litholink testing. This test will allow the child to complete the test at home.
  • Litholink will mail a urine collection kit to the home. Supplies and directions are included in the kit.
  • Call Litholink at 1-800-338-4333 if you have any questions about the urine collection.
  • Litholink will tell the caregiver how to collect the child’s urine at home and how to send it back to Litholink.

After the test

It may take two weeks for your doctor to get the test results a. The doctor will create a plan for your child to help stop kidney stones from forming. The plan may include:

  • Changing the diet
  • Drinking more liquid daily
  • Starting medication


Call your child’s doctor if you have any questions about this test.