If your child has symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), please call your child’s primary care provider. If it is determined that your child should have a test at Cincinnati Children's, your provider will put in an order. It is also possible that your provider may recommend another testing location or take a sample in their office and send it to us.

After the test is ordered, we ask that you wait two to three hours and then call the Scheduling Center at 513-517-2670 to make your appointment at a Cincinnati Children’s testing location.

Your options will be:

  • Mason – Follow signs to Location A.
  • Burnet, Location A – Park in visitor parking garage and enter side entrance of A1.
  • For these locations, look for signage when you arrive and follow the instructions to let the testing team know you have arrived. 

The Scheduling Center operates 7:30 am-5 pm Monday through Friday. After hours, you may connect with a provider via CincyKids Health Connect.

Check for an appointment online: Visit this page and select tab at bottom for Covid Test (Physician Order Required).

Note: If you have an order for pre-surgery or pre-procedure testing, that process is different. See “Is Cincinnati Children’s testing for COVID-19 before surgical procedures?” If you have additional questions, contact the care team that is doing your child’s procedure.

What to Expect When Your Child Is Being Tested for COVID-19

The test requires a cotton swab that is inserted through the nose into the sinuses and swirled for 10 seconds. Your child will feel pressure in her nose. Her eyes may water, and she may get a slight bloody nose after the test. Our testing team will do everything it can to make the test less scary. We may ask if your child prefers one nostril over the other. We may suggest your child sit on her hands to keep from helping. We may even ask if she would like to help count during the test.  

Do Children in Our Area Need to Be Tested at Cincinnati Children’s or Can We Go to Another Testing Location?

It is not necessary for children to be tested at a pediatric facility. There are many places in our community where families can go for tests, and any of them can test children as well as adults, using the same testing method that we use at Cincinnati Children’s.

Can We Go to the Emergency Department or Urgent Care for a Test?

Do not go to the Emergency Department (ED) or an Urgent Care location if you are only seeking a COVID-19 test. If you are experiencing an emergency or need urgent care, follow this link to see our emergency locations and urgent care locations.

What Is the Cost of a COVID-19 Test?

Cincinnati Children’s will bill your insurance for the cost of the COVID-19 test. There will be no out-of-pocket cost. The cost of the test is similar to other lab tests. There are no office visit charges associated with this cost.

How Long Will It Take to Get Results of a COVID-19 Test?

It takes about one to three days to get test results. Public health will notify you if your child’s test result is positive. If you have a MyChart account, test results will be posted there. If your child does not have a MyChart account, go online to request one.

Two days after the test, you may contact the provider who ordered the test to get results or seek additional advice on next steps. Please do not call the lab where you had the test or the Scheduling Center for results because they will not be able to give out such information. It is most important that you be in communication with your primary care provider.

If your child has symptoms, continue to have them self-quarantine.