Anne Boat, MD, a staff anesthesiologist and the patient experience officer at Cincinnati Children's, was in her third year of residency when she got devastating news. Her daughter, Katie Waters, who was almost 2 had a tumor in her abdomen. Her mother went from being on one side of the medical system to being the parent of a child who had stage 4 cancer. The cancer journey changed their world, and it also had a lasting impact on Cincinnati Children's. A longtime nurse said Katie and her family were "change agents" for improving the experience families have here. Because of them, rooms now have sleeper chairs for parents. And the pediatric hospital environment itself is more of a healing one. Artwork inspired a decade ago by Katie's love of animals is showcased in the renovated space in the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute at Cincinnati Children's. "We've created something that was very much like Katie," her mom says, "warm and wonderful."