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Community Practice Advisory Council

The Community Practice Advisory Council seeks to improve child health by coordinating effective communication and collaboration between providers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and those in community sites of the primary service area. The committee meets monthly and is comprised of regional Community Physician Leaders, Cincinnati Children’s General Pediatrics faculty, Physician Outreach and Engagement team members, and Cincinnati Children’s leadership (Chief of Staff, Ambulatory Associate Chief of Staff and VP for External Medical Affairs.) The Executive Community Physician Leader facilitates the work of this committee.

PCP input is always welcome at  Below is a listing of the current Community Physician Leaders and the areas they represent.

Physician Outreach and Engagement Team

Each physician liaison in the Physician Outreach and Engagement Team is responsible for a specific geographic area and regularly meets with community physicians to educate them on new services, staff members and policy changes. The representatives work with community physicians to identify barriers to utilizing Cincinnati Children’s services and coordinate solutions.