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Physician Outreach and Engagement

Physician Outreach and Engagement: A Bridge Between Cincinnati Children's and Community Providers

The Physician Outreach and Engagement Department at Cincinnati Children’s serves as a liaison between the medical center and community-based primary care providers, surgeons and their staff. We provide a direct point of contact within Cincinnati Children’s to help navigate services and systems. Our goal is to enhance communication and ensure the best possible experience for providers and their staff when referring to Cincinnati Children’s.

Physician Outreach and Engagement offers help with:

  • Gaining remote access to the Cincinnati Children’s computer system
  • Communicating regularly to keep providers and their staff up to date
  • Providing meaningful clinical resources for providers and their patients
  • Answering questions about services or processes at Cincinnati Children’s
  • Investigating issues that may arise before, during or after a referral
  • Arranging individual meetings among community providers and Cincinnati Children’s specialists or key administrators
  • Assisting with physician recruitment efforts for community practices

Contact Us

For general information about Physician Outreach and Engagement, call 513-636-6033 or email

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