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Admission and Transfer Center

Admission and Transfer Center

The Admission and Transfer Center is a centralized point of access for direct admissions and hospital-to-hospital inpatient transfers to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Our goal is to ensure the continuity of care for all patients.

Call 513-636-XFER (9337) or use the Bed Request Form in Epic Link
Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

This phone number is for referring providers and facilities only. If you are a family wanting to be transferred to Cincinnati Children's, please speak to your current provider and request a referral. 

If your patient requires evaluation in the emergency department, please call the STATline at 513-636-1111.

Making Admissions and Transfers as Seamless as Possible

The Admission and Transfer Center:

  • Improves the promptness, efficiency and safety of patient transfers into and out of Cincinnati Children’s
  • Provides a seamless, well-coordinated transfer process between providers
  • Enhances and standardizes the communication, accuracy and timeliness of the intake process
  • Reduces variability in access points
  • Enables referring and community physicians to complete transfers with a single phone call or a bed request form in Epic

Please be Ready to Provide:

  • Referring provider's name, phone number and hospital/office location
  • Patient’s name, date of birth, legal sex, and MRN
  • Patient/family contact number
  • Patient’s Patient’s face sheet (demographics, insurance and contact information)
  • Patient’s current diagnosis
  • Service needed

What to Expect when Calling the Admission and Transfer Center

When you call 513-636-XFER (9337), press option 2 and one of our patient flow coordinators will:

  • Handle the complete transfer process for you.
  • Collect the above information.
    • Connect you with the appropriate on-call physician to discuss your patient’s case and plan of care.
    • Share instructions for how to upload radiology imaging via our four Cloud vendors, including Ambra, Change Healthcare / Nucleus, Powershare and LifeImage. If you're unable to use one of these four vendors, please email our Radiology Department for additional information.
    • Determine where in our hospital the patient will be taken and identify a bed for your patient. If a bed is not available, other options will be discussed with you.
    • Assist in coordinating timely and appropriate patient transport to our hospital, which may involve the Cincinnati Children’s Transport Team. Our experienced team of registered nurses, respiratory therapists and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are trained specifically in newborn and pediatric intensive care, emergency and transport medicine, trauma and altitude physiology. Learn more about our transport services.