Patient- and family-centered rounds are an active process that facilitates an open exchange of information and ideas among the patient, family and all of the patient’s healthcare providers.

Patient- and family-centered rounds are effective when:

  • The patient and his family are recognized as the focus of care.
  • Patients, their families, nurses, physicians and other healthcare providers are actively involved.
  • The patient and her family are included in all decision making and can discuss the daily plan of care and the anticipated outcomes.
  • Patients’ and their families’ preferences about their level of involvement in the rounding process are respected and honored.
  • Teaching for the patient, family and healthcare learners occurs during rounds, and the patient and his family act as teachers for the healthcare learners.
  • Evidence-based medicine is used as a foundation for care decisions.
  • The process of care is made more safe, efficient, effective and timely.
  • Patients and their families are satisfied with care delivery.