• Physician Priority Link

    Pediatric Subspecialty Consultations Within Minutes

    Physician Priority Link is a unique doctor-to-doctor service provided by Cincinnati Children's.

    Any physician needing a consult about a patient can call Physician Priority Link at 513-636-7997 or 1-888-636-7997. We'll have one of our on-call pediatric subspecialists from Cincinnati Children's answer your questions within two minutes.

    We're here to collaborate with you regarding patient conditions to complement the services already available in your community.

    One Phone Number, 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week

    Phone us: 513-636-7997 or 1-888-636-7997
    Fax us: 513-636-8012

    Staffed by Professionals

    The Physician Priority Link line is staffed by individuals who facilitate incoming calls and link callers to the attending physician.

    Our specially trained Physician Priority Link operators:

    • Connect you with a Cincinnati Children's on-call pediatric subspecialist for consultation
    • Put you in contact with the appropriate Cincinnati Children's resource for referral purposes
    • Make sure you get to the right resource for lab and test results
    • Link you to resources for patient care follow-up
    • Provide general information
    • Direct you to special services as needed

    Credentials of callers will be monitored to ensure the callers are physicians.