Routine Inpatient and Urgent Same-Day Admissions

For urgent same-day admissions, call Physician Priority Link at 1-888-636-7997. Physician Priority Link staff will page the Patient Services manager, who will handle your request.

Routine Outpatient Services

Appointments are necessary for all services except for most laboratory tests performed in the Test Referral Center.

For outpatient referrals to any service except the Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging:

  1. Complete the Specialty Services Referral Form in its entirety and sign it. To obtain consultation/referral forms, call the Referral Assistance Line at 513-803-1111, option 3 or visit the Patient Referral Information for Physicians page.
  2. Fax the referral form to us (the fax number is printed in the form’s top right corner.) Next, ask the patient’s family to call us to schedule an appointment.  The appropriate specialty contact number can be found on the green form.

    If we do not receive a call from the patient’s family, the scheduling center will contact them to schedule an appointment, via automatic call, within 48 hours. We will call the patient’s family once a week for three weeks. If we are unable to reach the patient’s family, we will notify you.

Neighborhood Locations

Learn more about our neighborhood locations. For provider information by location, consult our Outpatient Services Schedule, which is published annually.

Second Opinions Regarding Cancer Diagnoses

For a second opinion regarding pediatric cancer diagnoses, contact the appropriate member of the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute.

Hints for Patient Referrals

Referring physicians can play an instrumental role in helping patients’ families prepare for appointments at Cincinnati Children’s. Here are  hints for physicians when helping patients. The well-prepared  family will bring to the appointment:

  • A summary from the referring physician
  • Laboratory or other test results
  • X-rays
  • Growth records
  • Immunization records
  • A list of questions for the Cincinnati Children’s physician
  • Required insurance referrals
  • Pre-authorization from the insurance company
  • Insurance cards
  • The child’s and parent’s social security numbers
  • Legal documentation of guardianship
  • Enough diapers, bottles and other supplies to last a baby a few hours
  • A stroller if needed
  • Snacks and drinks if needed
  • Overnight supplies if the family is traveling from out of town
  • Note on toys:
    • To prevent the spread of germs, we do not place toys or children’s books in our waiting rooms. Ask parents or caregivers to bring these items to keep their child occupied while waiting for  the appointment.

To meet the special needs of patients referred to Cincinnati Children’s, we can, upon request:

  • Check to see if the patient’s insurance plan will cover the visit. Call 513-636-2273. 
  • Assist the family in locating overnight accommodations. Call 1-800-344-2462, ext. 6-5009. 
  • Arrange for an interpreter / translator. Call 1-800-344-2462, ext. 6-5009 during regular business hours. For urgent needs after hours when you need an interpreter to talk with a family and connect them with an on-call specialist,  call 1-800-344-2462 and ask to be patched through to Pacific, our  telephone interpreter service.