Gruschen Veldtman, MD.

Gruschen Veldtman, MD

More than 1 million American adults now live with congenital heart defects. Half should be seeing a congenital heart expert regularly, but only 10 to 20 percent do so. The Adolescent and Adult Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD) program at Cincinnati Children’s recently was accredited by the Adult Congenital Heart Association to provide this specialized care.

“Patients treated for congenital heart disease need to remain under the care of specialists trained in congenital heart disease, to ensure that problems are addressed quickly and effectively,” says Gruschen Veldtman, MD, Director of the ACHD program at Cincinnati Children’s.

The ACHD program is one of only a few in the nation, and will be a regional, cooperative endeavor, says Andrew Redington, MD, Executive Co-Director of the Heart Institute. “We will collaborate with all the adult care systems in the region, and are particularly grateful to work with colleagues at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.”