Office of Population Health
Our Programs

Improving Child Health Through Leadership

The Office of Population Health is comprised of five main programs. These programs are all actively working to achieve our aspirations of improving child health and becoming a visionary leader in population health.

Value-Based Care Delivery

Value-Based Care Delivery ensures that we will work to provide excellent and equitable care for all patients in our primary service area and to do so in the most cost-effective ways.

Primary Care

Our primary care strategy is to ensure all children will have access to excellent care close to home with the appropriate level of care when they need it.

Population Health School Program

The Population Health School Program is responsible for the development, implementation, and expansion of clinical school partnerships for Cincinnati Children’s as well as coordination and alignment of existing and newly developed partnerships across our four missions: clinical care, education, advocacy, and research.

The school program proactively identifies community needs, while ensuring adequate resources are deployed to aid in promoting wellness, preventing chronic illness burden, and removing access barriers.

Population Health Research and Innovation

The Population Health Research and Innovation program, launched in 2022, is a program supported by several members in the office that are working to improve health equity for the youth in our region. The program works to partner on innovative telehealth solutions, advances our learning networks, and supports a number of ongoing research initiatives.

Population Behavioral Health

Integration of behavioral health into whole-child healthcare is foundational to the population behavioral health program. Through data-driven program development and spread, as well as regional and national dissemination and advocacy, we aim to spread population-level interventions across the continuum of care from prevention and early intervention to high-acuity behavioral health concerns, ultimately improving the lives of all youth in our region.

Cincinnati Children’s Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH)

IBH is an innovative model developed and supported by the Office of Population Health. The IBH program integrates a behavioral health provider into primary care practices, aiming to enhance access to behavioral health care and reduce costs through early intervention.

IBH is actively recruiting pediatric primary practices with whom to partner. Please download our flyer or email Stephanie Eberle to learn more.