Digital Experience.Digital Experience technology at Cincinnati Children's serves as the technology hub for the collaborative development of leading-edge digital technology, implementing best in class clinical, research and simulation applications in virtual and mixed reality to improve patient experience, clinical outcomes, and educational goals.

DX at Cincinnati Children's is an integrative discipline incorporating medical imaging, virtual simulations, 3D animation, 3600 Video and immersive digital technology to facilitate, develop and deploy world class applications to improve patient and medical outcomes. The Digital Experience team within the Simulation Center works in close partnership with the Cincinnati Children's Media Lab.


  • 3D modeling and animation
  • 360° Video Production
  • Virtual environments
  • Medical Simulations
  • AI interactive Avatars
  • Integrative virtual and physical simulations


  • Maya
  • Unity
  • Insta360 Pro Video Camera
  • Premier
  • After Effects


Notable Projects

Digital Experience.Heart VAD simulator: Using actual patient MRI data converted to 3D models, surgeons can interactively manipulate the patient models in a virtual space to select, size and place ventricular assist devices for surgical pre-planning.

Bronchiolitis Simulation: Participant observes and recommends treatment for a virtual infant in a hospital setting that show progressive symptoms of Bronchiolitis. Avatar proctor prompts participant for assessments and treatment options.

Flu-shot Simulation: Interactive immersive scenario where the participant interacts with an avatar showing reluctance to give their child a flu shot. Through open ended questions and engagement techniques the participant attempts to answer Avatars concerns.