The OAACD will become a national leader in academic affairs through the implementation of effective, innovative programs that equip faculty members to achieve professional success in the changing academic health center environment, and through the creation of a collaborative, diverse, and inclusive community in which faculty members view each other as partners in achieving the strategic objectives of the institution.


  1. Facilitate the recruitment of the best faculty and ensure their academic success and productivity
    This mission will be accomplished by developing a diverse pipeline of talented trainees; enhancing the recruitment, retention, and promotion of a diverse faculty across all tracks (Tenure, Research, Clinical, and Field Service); providing counseling and advocacy for individual faculty members; equipping faculty to adapt and succeed in the changing academic health care and research environments; implementing evidence-based leadership, mentorship, and other career development programs; developing effective communication systems; aligning and communicating promotion criteria and annual evaluation structures with Departmental goals; and connecting people, programs and institutions.
  2. Promote a culture of excellence, teamwork, professionalism, mutual respect and inclusiveness, and one that supports holistic quality of life for faculty
    This mission will be accomplished by clearly communicating organizational expectations, strategies, culture and values in order to create an engaged, aligned, committed and productive community of faculty.
  3. Advance institutional strategic initiatives
    This mission will be accomplished by engaging, inspiring and enabling faculty to make a difference by delivering exceptional, safe and affordable care; helping Cincinnati’s kids to be the healthiest in the nation through strong community partnerships; transforming child health through discovery, translation and learning; and improving the lives of children everywhere by creating deeper connections with families, care providers and organizations.