Academic Affairs

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Requests for promotions and tenure are sent by the faculty member’s Division Director to the Associate Chair of Academic Affairs and Career Development, the Department Chair, and the Administrator of Academic Affairs. If the request is supported, the faculty member will submit an electronic dossier to the Administrator of Academic Affairs before the quarterly review cycle deadline to ensure the RPT committee and Chair have time to review the documents and make their recommendations to the Dean. Promotions are effective upon approval by the UC Board of Trustees.

Reappointments are submitted in the final year of the faculty member’s term. Proposed terms of reappointment are recommended by the division director and approved by the Department Chair before the electronic dossier is submitted to the Administrator of Academic Affairs. Reappointments are effective upon approval by the Provost of the University.

Each year the Annual Faculty Awards Program is held to recognize the achievements of our faculty during the past year. Awards for junior and senior faculty include:

  • Clinical Care Achievement Award
  • Educational Achievement Award
  • Entrepreneurial Achievement Award
  • Mentoring Achievement Award
  • Research Achievement Award
  • Service Achievement Award
  • Advocacy Achievement Award
  • Clinical Team Award
  • Research Team Award