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Research in the Division of Asthma Research

The Division of Asthma Research is committed to improving the health of children with asthma. Our division uses basic, translational and clinical approaches of research to investigate how asthma and other allergic diseases develop in early childhood. Our team consists of a variety of specialists such as physicians, basic laboratory scientists, environmental health scientists, epidemiologists, clinical research coordinators, database specialist and a quantitative geneticist. Dr. Khurana Hershey has over 16 years’ experience in mentoring postdocs, residents, fellows, and junior faculty. She has been a very successful mentor, teacher, and leader. In fact, many of her trainees now hold academic faculty appointments and are leaders in their fields. She has successfully trained five PhD students (including one MD/PhD), 13 MDs (including three MD/PhDs), nine PhD postdoctoral fellows, and numerous undergraduate and rotating students. The Division of Asthma Research is devoted to providing each individual within our division an outstanding educational and work experience. We are interested in recruiting self-driven individuals that have ambition to be successful and competitive at all levels. 

Focal Points of Living and Working in Cincinnati

From being the first city with a professional baseball team in 1869 to the research conducted at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Research Foundation that led to the discovery of the oral polio vaccine by Albert Sabin, Cincinnati has much to offer. The Queen City is one of the most affordable cities in the country to live in, and is conveniently located in the heart of the Midwest. The historic city offers superb Cincinnati style restaurants such as Skyline Chili, LaRosa’s Pizzeria, and Montgomery Inn. In addition to excellent cuisines, Cincinnati is also known for excellent sports teams like the Cincinnati Bengals and Cincinnati Reds. A vibrant fine arts scene, including as the Cincinnati Ballet and Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, make our city “top-notch” for working and living.


Cincinnati skyline photo. Cincinnati Museum Center photo.


How to Join our Lab

To join our lab please send a copy of your CV via e-mail to:
Gurjit Khurana Hershey, MD, PhD