The purpose of this study is to develop a series of epilepsy measurement indicators, automatically collect the data required for these indicators and implement the Multi-Institutional Pediatric Decision Support System (MiPEDS) system, as the basic technology layer for anonymizing data for conducting cross-institutional comparisons.

The MiPEDS Project utilizes portions of the i2b2 SHRINE framework, and the CHRISTINE system. The i2b2 center provides access to an informatics framework, which allows researchers to utilize existing clinical data for new research. It captures data directly from the Electronic Health Center (EHC), and other sources. This data is integrated into a larger repository, thus allowing data to be analyzed without jeopardizing patient privacy. I2B2 SHRINE links local data into a multi-institutional network, allowing researchers to obtain information from a larger patient set.

Project Goals:

  1. Achieve expert consensus about which pediatric epilepsy measures are optimal for cross-institutional comparison.
  2. Develop a federated epilepsy data mart that is comprised of the free-text and fixed data required for computing those measures.
  3. Graphically present the measures by using traditional analytical tools and natural language processing methods.