Lab Meetings

Meetings are to discuss project progress and team updates.


Meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 3:00 pm EST. The purpose of this meeting is to collaborate with internal clinicians to develop an internal database of epilepsy surgery candidates. The Pestian Lab presents and demos web applications and home grown search engines with the purpose of soliciting the CEC neurologist feedback and input.

The Multi-Center Clinical Trial for Suicide Risk Prediction Using Thought Markes (STM) meets semi weekly to discuss study operations and enrollment. Meeting dates are every Tuesday at 12:00 pm EST and Thursday at 9:30 am. EST. Also the STM team meets bi-monthly with external study sites to discuss study enrollment, progress and updates. Meeting dates are every other Friday at 2:00 pm EST.


Meets every Monday via on-line GoTo meeting at 2:00 pm EST. This is a collaborative meeting with external sites to build an across institution epilepsy database for research and clinical practice.


Weekly meeting to review Journal articles with the purpose of disseminating new knowledge regarding medical NLP.

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