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This study develops a method that allows for a more robust way to determine the value of reesults dereived from machine learning models for clinical care, so that clinical researchers can better assess the usefulness of employing these models for predictive decision-making.
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This study determined that using the electronic medical record as a mechanism for capturing prospective data for pain and opioid research can be a more efficient and equally accurate method than using traditional clinical research data capture approaches.
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This study used genetics, functional genomics, and gene editing techniques to identify a number of known and new genes and gene combinations that contribute to the congenital cardiac defect hypoplastic left heart syndrome.
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This study designed a highly effective, automated system for identifying medication administration errors in neonatal intensive care units that has promise for reducing such errors for newborns.
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This study looked at high-density lipoproteins in patients with Type 2 diabetes and found subsets of proteins that may either be protective of or contributing to symptoms of arterial stiffness.