Biomedical Informatics
Education and Training

Education and Training in Biomedical Informatics

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The demand for researchers and health professionals trained in the field of biomedical informatics is rapidly increasing. Leveraging partnerships between the best pediatric institution in the United States (Cincinnati Children's) and one of the nation's oldest medical colleges (University of Cincinnati College of Medicine), our educational and training programs are strategically tailored to meet this demand and prepare students for careers in multidisciplinary fields depending on their area of study. We offer our students the opportunity to engage in high-impact research in a number of investigational areas. We are educating the next generation of researchers and ultimately making a difference in people's’ lives. Please consider joining our amazing community.

PhD Program

The Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Informatics is an important cornerstone for a program of academic excellence in informatics at the University of Cincinnati and its affiliate hospitals The program provides an in-depth knowledge of key analytical concepts that underlie applications of informatics and biomedical data science, ranging from the study of molecules to individuals and populations. The four-year program offers rigorous coursework that combines core courses and electives tailored to prepare students for their dissertation research in one of two tracks, either bioinformatics or clinical informatics. Students with backgrounds in math, biology, computer science, engineering, bioengineering, statistics or other related fields are encouraged to apply. Learn more.

Graduate Certificate Program

The 19-credit Graduate Certificate in Biomedical Informatics offers graduate-level training for students, clinicians and professionals interested in the integration of clinical and analytical systems with clinical practice and research. Our students focus on current problems in bioinformatics or clinical informatics and are given the opportunity to receive hands-on training from many of renowned faculty members. Admission to this program is on a rolling basis. Applications can be accepted at any time of the year. Learn more.


We provide post-doctoral training through programs in the Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation and the University of Cincinnati graduate training programs. Learn more.

Students currently enrolled in high school or college may apply for opportunities to collaborate with our researchers via the Research Education and Training Programs offered by the Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation. Learn more.