Welcome to the Center for Adherence and Self-Management's Clinical Service. We have included information here that will help you decide if the Adherence Center is right for you and your child’s needs.

What is the Adherence and Self-Management Clinical Service?

The goal of our clinical service is to help children, adolescents and young adults who have difficulty taking medications or following through with treatment recommendations. Our behavioral medicine psychologists, residents and fellows work very closely with physicians, nurses, social workers and the clinical care teams at Cincinnati Children’s to help make it as easy as possible for children and teens to take their medications and complete their treatments.

Who provides these services?

Care is provided by clinical psychologists and trainees who have special training in working with children and adolescents with chronic health conditions and their families, particularly those facing difficulties in adherence and self-management.

Who does the service help?

The Adherence and Self-Management Clinical Service assists children, adolescents and young adults who have a chronic condition that requires them to take medication or other treatments (e.g., diet, nutrition and/or physical therapy) for a long period of time. Because this can be difficult, many children, adolescents, and young adults need additional help to manage their medical treatments the best way possible. Our psychologists, residents, and fellows are trained to provide this help.

How are families involved?

It is most effective when parents, children, adolescents, and young adults along with other family members are involved in the medical care. Parents work together with their children to learn the best ways to manage their chronic condition and the necessary treatment.

What clinical services are provided? 

Assessment of the child's adherence to medical treatment, including areas of strength and challenges to following medical treatment plans. 

Individualized treatment for the child/teen and family that can include:

  • Behavioral strategies to remember taking medicine
  • Help with swallowing pills
  • Figuring out the role of different family members to help facilitate self-management
  • Helping families organize multiple treatments

Will my insurance pay for these services?

Our access service representative (ASR) will review your insurance benefits and coverage. Insurance companies vary in what they cover. Some families are responsible for paying a co-pay or co-insurance fee for each visit with the psychologist. You will be provided with an estimate of your coverage and the expected cost to you based on the benefits provided by your insurance company.

How do I make an appointment?

Call the Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology Intake Office directly at 513-636-8107. You can also ask your child’s doctor to submit a referral in EPIC. If your child’s doctor is not at Cincinnati Children’s, the referral can be faxed to 513-636-7756. Someone from Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology will then call you to start the process.