The Center for Adherence and Self-Management at Cincinnati Children’s offers educational training opportunities for a variety of audiences.

Fellowship Opportunities

The center research faculty programs afford extensive opportunities in multidisciplinary research with faculty in clinical psychology, pediatrics and biostatistics. Program fellows will have opportunities to conduct research in the following areas:

  • Measurement of adherence to treatment including electronic monitoring
  • Psychological and pharmacological approaches
  • Statistical methods, including predictive models of influence on adherence to treatment
  • Studies of the relationship of adherence to clinical outcomes and evaluation of interventions to promote treatment adherence for a range of chronic conditions

Learn more about our Adherence Fellowship

Learn more about our Behavioral Medicine / Psychology Fellowship

Contact the center director, Kevin A. Hommel, PhD, for additional information about the program,

Opportunities for O’Grady Residents

Center faculty members provide opportunities for research experiences as part of the O’Grady Residency in Psychology at Cincinnati Children’s. Interested residents should contact individual center faculty to discuss opportunities.

Graduate Training Opportunities

The adherence center faculty members’ research provides opportunities for graduate students to obtain experience in data analysis and writing manuscripts for publication. In addition, in clinical and health psychology there is opportunity for students to conduct master’s thesis and dissertation research on populations at Cincinnati Children’s and on established data sets. Inquiries about graduate training opportunities should be made to the center director, Avani Modi, PhD,

Undergraduate Training and Volunteer Experiences

Center faculty research initiatives afford opportunities for undergraduates to obtain a range of research experiences in data collection, data management and analysis and research review. These experiences are useful to obtain knowledge of pediatric populations and as preparation for graduate school. Interested students should contact Jennifer Hembree at or 513-803-1701.